What makes Masters Skills Camps different from other big way skills camps?

The premise of other big way camps is that you already have the skills and information needed to be successful on big ways. Our radical approach is that we start with the smallest unit, fill in all the gaps to provide new information as necessary and build up from there. We will provide an arena in which you may improve your skills and achieve success at each step, whether you are new to big ways or you are an "old-hand".

Masters skills camps are designed for

1. skydivers with a minimum of 100 jumps who want to learn the skills necessary to earn a slot on a record team; (**if you have less than 100 jumps but would still like to be involved, contact us  - we have a place for you**)
2. long time jumpers who have gaps in their skydiving career and need to update their skydiving skills
3. advanced skydivers looking for a challenge or who want to clean up their skills to be ready for world class skydiving events.
Mission statement

1. To provide a venue where skydivers can acquire or sharpen existing  big way skills;
2. To create an atmosphere where all, regardless of skill level, have an opportunity to learn;
3. To banish the idea of failure and foster the ideal of success.

Benefits of attending Masters skills camps

1. Based on your performance, you will have the opportunity of your name being presented to organizers of other big way events as worthy of consideration for their event.
2. No matter where your skill level was at the beginning of the masters skills camps, you will have demonstrated improvement in at least one area of your skydiving skills. 
3. You will acquire and refine the necessary skydiving skills to be on POPS, SOS and other state or national record skydives.
4. You will be able to take your newly acquired skills to your home drop zone, continue to practise these skills and share them with others.
Big Way skills camps designed for skydivers over the age of 40 - but open to skydivers of all ages
Welcome to a new approach to learning the skydiving skills necessary to confidently participate in formation skydiving.
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Remarks from previous camp attendees:

Just when I thought I was a reasonable skydiver Jeff Jones came along to make me realize that there was a whole new level of the sport I didn't know about.  He is the most dedicated coach I have ever met in any field.                               Lea Rickwood

I especially want to thank Jeff for his patience in teaching us old guys how to exit  fly and dock..If it was not for him I would not have been on the last three jumps.He has taught me confidence and given me skills when I had none. I used to be intimated going to the SOS  skills camp and record attempts because of my flying skills. Now I look forward to it. I know I can dock on a large formation.Thank you for the best ever SOS record breaking event. Jay Fragoso future SOS record breaker.

I thought the camp was great and extremely helpful, I highly recommend it.      
Jim Culhane SOS 2012 World Record Holder 60/60

“I’ve been to three camps where Jeff was a coach, and each time I’ve been impressed by the way he adds to the curriculum.  It is never static from camp to camp, and he gives an unusually high amount of individual instruction whether you’re a first timer or a repeat camper, either new to big way or have been in large formations but need work honing your skills.  He makes learning a lot of fun, just like that favorite teacher all of us had.  Highly recommended.  – Doug Garr D-2791 
Carol, Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in the training this weekend. I could not wait to drive back to thank you and Jeff for an amazing learning experience. I was the only skydiver in the group (that I'm aware of that did not have at least a D license.) Jeff made sure that, consistent with his published standards for flying safety and precision in the air, that I felt part of the team; I had a job and he held me to it. Happily I did not let him or the rest of the team down. Starting at the Friday session, Jeff started coaching and never stopped. His enthusiasm, candor, and professionalism are second to none I've met in this sport. He has a way of challenging you without making it a contest and it was actually a lot of fun. As a career Army officer of 22 years, I can tell you he is among the top 5 best trainers I have ever worked with (in and out of the military). Please use me as a reference as required.  This is the best skydiving training I have ever received. Thank you so much - Max